i’ve been perusing all of the “what’s in your bag” and “favorite five” posts here on #stuckinplastic and it got me thinking. i’ve been doing a daily photo project since soon after i got my first dslr (a nikon D60) in 2008, but i do it more for the daily memories and out of mindfulness than because i feel like a Photographer or legographer, so it feels odd to imagine sharing my camera bag.

that doesn’t stop me from having a rather extensive selection of camera bags – all crumpler brand – in various sizes. but i have to admit that i rarely use them. maybe if we’re packing up to go away for a weekend, but on a daily basis, my cameras (all nikon) sit atop my photo scanner (oddly enough, a canon), and i grab a handful of minifigs from the old turkish tobacco tin on my desk and just wander out the back door with my camera in hand.

my main camera is an old workhorse of a nikon D300 that feels, at this point, like it’s an extension of my arm or perhaps more aptly, my eye. my daughter got a D7100 last year about this time (because a 14-year-old needs a proper camera, right?) and i’ve tried it out a few times, but i go back to my D300 every time, like a comfy old pair of converse that feels just right. i’ll undoubtedly keep using it until it gives up the ghost. depending on what i’m shooting, i use a 60mm macro lens or a 50mm fixed – both nikkor. i just like nikon’s own lenses best.

i’ve always got my iPhone 6 in my pocket and find myself snapping my daily photo with it. if it’s on my instagram, i’ve probably taken the shot with my phone and posted it immediately – i believe pretty firmly in the insta part of instagram. often those photos aren’t of LEGO, but of my coffee or our über-cute kittens, so if you’re expecting all LEGO all the time over there, you should probably not follow me. that said, i almost always have a batman in my pocket or my purse so that i can take a LEGO photo should the mood strike.

which brings me to the minifig list…it’s pretty tough to narrow it to just five. that little turkish tobacco tin filled with minifigs is just the right size to throw in my purse and take along and it holds quite a few more than 5. when i’m not on the go, it’s on my desk and i can grab a minifig or two as i am inspired.

again and again, the ones i return to are the unicorn sparkle fairy (arguably my only MOC – combining the series 12 unicorn with the series 8 fairy wings and wand and using unikitty’s blue unicorn horn). i’m also partial to wonder woman, bunny suit guy, chicken suit guy, piggy suit guy and the yeti. and as i said, i almost always have a batman on me,  preferably with the teddy bear he stole from spooky girl (who i think of as winona ryder in beetlejuice).  and just as i suspected, that was more than 5 and i haven’t even counted the dinosaurs. i also love viking girl and the boy and girl robots with that precious little key in their backs. and then there are various vehicles – the friends line has great scooters and bicycles and the little green motorcycle from jurassic worlds is going to see action soon. in fact, it’s getting so not everything fits in that little turkish tobacco tin so well anymore.

but really, with all that LEGO awesomeness out there, why should we narrow it down to only 5?