I know I have mentioned this several times, but inspiration sometimes comes from the weirdest places. Recently I watched the movie “Frank” which tells the story of one aspiring band who is fronted by a man who never removes his papier-mâché head. Just the place to find treasures like:

[clickToTweet tweet=”When you think you’ve gone far enough, go farther.” quote=”When you think you’ve gone far enough, go farther.”]

What a great line and one that really struck a cord with me. It is so easy to keep doing the same thing and forget to keep pushing beyond your comfort zone.  It’s important to go to the edge from time to time and look into that abyss; failure is the flip side to success and it’s a scary beast.

Recently I began on a project that is going to push my boundaries in ways I have purposefully avoided. I will have to build my own LEGO props, customize mini figures, alter existing LEGO, create dioramas for interior shots and even create an indoor forest for both a night and snow scene. (Thank you Mike and Vesa for your inspiration.) Yeah, this pretty much pushes me in every direction I can image and then some; failure is lurking at every turn.

I have already encountered moments of doubt as I try to build my own props. (Cars are harder than they look to build and waiting for parts from BrickLink tests my patience.) Also it is a very different beast photographing your own MOC’s compared to the elegant official LEGO sets. For starters, mine fall apart at the drop of a hat. Yet I can understand pride of creation in a new way. Perhaps I have embarked on that inevitable road to AFOL status?

I am confessing this to you so you will hold my feet to the fire. I have given myself until early August the end of the year to finish this project. There is no specific number of images to be created, but I want them to be on the caliber of “I Will Be a Fisherman” from my Runaway Bunny series. I will give you periodic updates as the work starts to take shape, if you don’t hear from me , feel free to ask.

In the mean time go watch the movie “Frank” so you can experience Frank singing the following line in all its beautiful bittersweet glory.

Frank: [singing] Stale beer. Fat fucked, smoked out. Cowpoked. Sequined mountain ladies. I love your wall. Put your arms around me. Fiddly digits, itchy britches. I love you all.

~ xxSJC

Watermarked Photo-9If you are working on a specific project do you care to share it with us?

Do you have a dream project you would like to embark on, but are afraid to because of the possibility of failure?


  1. Chris Rose

    It’s an amazing inspirational film that gives hope to anyone who has been held up on the road to creativity. Can’t wait to see the results of your project.

  2. Balakov

    My creations fall apart all the time, that comes with the territory when you just build for photography. I normally only build the bits you can see in the photograph so it’s even worse!

    Good to see you’re embracing the studio though, maybe I should try taking shots outdoors that look like studio shots? I think Richard Avedon used that technique for his “In the American West” portraits, so it might already have been done 🙂

    • Its good to know Im not alone. I am starting to get the idea that I am trying for an illusion, not a reality. I keep thinking about your basil trick. Although at some point I will need to take a few of these creations out into the wild simply because I’m not prepared to create a stream in my shop. But then again, maybe I am….

      I would love to see what you would do given an outdoor studio. Although I am not sure photographing lego mini figures with an 8 x 10 camera is necessary, but I could be wrong. 😉

  3. brickandmordor

    Not sure what kind of car parts you need, but I’ve got a ton of old school parts that are just sitting in my bins. If there’s something you still need, let me know. If I’ve got it I’ll send it to you!

    I’m excited to see what this project is!

    I’ve been brainstorming my own project… to be unveiled as a contest on IG. Stay tuned! (Pun intended) 😉

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