Today’s Feature Friday is none other than @thecourtous; home of Brickland’s very own lego soap opera, lego Courtney and a large cast of real and fictional charectors. If you’re not familiar with Brickland, it is where various signature figs engage in skullduggery, intrigue and romance. More than a few disasters have befallen the inhabitants of Brickland, both man made and natural, and we are kept on the edge of our seats on a weekly basis.

All this comic strip goodness was created by the talented Courtney as he presides over one of the most compelling Instagram accounts I follow. It has been fun watching Courtney grow as both a photographer and a story teller. His last story line was so riviting that on the final day of the latest story line (he posted a whopping 20 photos), I was on the edge of my seat refreshing my phone waiting for the conclusion. I know for a fact that I was not the only one!

Courtney, and his sig fig Lego Courtney (complete with his signature pink man bag) first came to my attention nearly a year ago when he did a series of photos based on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I fell in love with his custom Wonka figure and the fresh creativity that was so evident. Since those early days there have been pop cultural references to the Wizard of OzHannibal and the Incredible Hulk. I believe that Brickland has been destroyed at least twice, maybe more. Fire seems to be the method of choice which makes me think a fire department is in order.

For me Instagram has always been about community and I have enjoyed Courtney’s inclusion of many of the sig figs created by members of the LEGO IG community include LynnMillerLachman, TaffyWacker, Gogglebox, TheShortNews, LLWorld, PinarofBrickland, Dwaas (twitter only), Lego_leighboi, Comicdetours, Dannyboyh, Brickdreams and of course Lego_Chuck too name only a few. (In the interest of full disclosure my own sig fig was last seen being carted off to the hospital “not responding”.) The whole strip has the feeling of a large alternative universe to our own LEGO community.

Thank you Courtney for creating such a marvelous Instagram feed! I look forward to your next epic storyline.

~ xxSJC

The next big story line is on hold for a month which gives you plenty of time to back read @TheCourtous and catch up on all the action. If you like this IG feed as much as I do, please leave a comment below. 

When Me2 first suggested we do a Feature Friday I was dead set against it, yet here I am championing my favorite creative Instagram feeds. I guess I should never say “never”. 😀