This is not a tech blog. This is a blog about, and for, the toy photography community (and their fans). We talk more about our influences and the artistic process than shop. But today I want to talk about my favorite editing app that got a HUGE makeover: Snapseed.

I will confess, I do the majority of my photo editing on my iPad. I like to play with a photograph and take it as far as I can in several different directions quickly to see what it can become. Then I will  back away from the edge and post something to Instagram that is less dramatic (and probably a little too traditional). So when my favorite editing app got a major upgrade that has been getting rave reviews, I was excited to see what all the fuss was about.

Wow! I was totally blown away. The interface is completely different and the sheer power of editing is mind boggling.

Here is a list of the most obvious changes:

• Stacks allowing you to re-edit any image
• Copy edits from one image to another
• 5 new filter, including Lens Blur, Tonal Contrast, and Glamour Glow
• Lens blur adjustable in all directions
• Brush tools to apply effects to sections of an image
• Spot repair for detailed editing, healing and retouching
• Transform for adjusting perspective with fill for empty areas after rotations

A personal highlight for me is the ability to add grain. I grew up on grainy film and with the advent of the digital age I have missed that tool in my tool box. I have come to rely on grain to add a certain texture to the surface of my prints when I enlarge them. So to be able to add them to my edits on my iPad, well lets just say I am very happy camper.

Another big plus is non destructive editing. As a photo purist I love to know my originals will still be there, untouched,  to edit and re-edit down the road.

I would love to rave about Spot Repair, but it just doesn’t go in far enough to get dust off a mini figure. It works great for distractions in the surrounding environment so that is a plus in case you missed  something on site.

I could go on and on, but I will leave it up to you to download the app (or upgrade) and start discovering all the joys of a truly spectacular photo editing app. Personally I feel it is a bargain at any price.


Snapseed is available for both IOS and Android

Edited with Snapseed 2.0

Edited with Snapseed 2.0

Edited with original  Snapseed app

Edited with original Snapseed app