Packing Pickle

Yep, it’s that time again. The time I spend hours agonising over what to pack, and what not to pack, for a brickstameet, a LEGO photography trek around the streets of Melbourne.

As I’ve mentioned before, I live near the coast. I know the beaches, I know their tides, their cliffs and their light, and I know what works with them. Packing for a trip to the beach is easy. And even if I forget something, there’s only a short drive back home to gather the forgot, or there’s always the next day.

Travelling beyond a short car trip throws up the added quandary of not wanting to leave anything behind. Plus, I’m shooting in a different environment. The urban landscape of Melbourne presents me with another pickle. “Sorry Dewbacks and Tusken Raiders, you won’t be required this time!” Or will they?

Light up the wheels and go for broke
Stomp that pedal with a sniftin’ stroke
Smack that roadblock caught in a pickle
I’m gonna hit that line like old Dick Trickle
Ween – Stroker Ace

If this wasn’t enough

And if this wasn’t enough, I’m heading to Melbourne the day before to be the “official welcoming party” for out international and interstate visitors. That’s one less day to pack, one less day to agonise over choices, one less day to apologise to those who don’t make the cut! 

Double the indecision

So, with less time to pack, plus having to pack for an overnight stay, I also want to subvert the LEGO regime by taking other toys to shoot. That’s doubled my indecision. Is it possible to be twice as indecisive?

Been so long since I been gone
Ziplock bag holding my comb
Beck – Ziplock Bag

By the time this gets published, it’ll be Wednesday morning here, and with only two nights left to pack before I head to Melbourne for the brickstameet, I know damn well I’ll be no closer to finalising my selections than I am right now. Seriously, you’d think after four of these, I’d know what to pack?

brickstameet: Packing Pickles
Packing Pickles

Wish me luck!

– Brett

How do you choose your travel buddies? Does your destination dictate your choices?

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  1. This has always been a pickle for me too.

    For things like clothes, I have developed what I call a “clothing strategy”, which is basically going thru my wardrobe and thinking of what I want to being on my trip *and* what I will wear between the time I pack and the time I leave for the trip – often the next day – This way I am sure what I put in the suitcase is something I won’t need until I arrive at my destination – I even lay out the clothes I will wear on the day I leave, which reduces stress – especially since I often leave really early in the morning on those days.

    For my toy stuff, its less straight forward. Not only do I need to think camera gear, I also need to consider what I may be inspired to shoot – are there location specific minifigs? (I have a Mountie minifig to bring to Canada, a President Lincoln one I brought to DC etc.) It is a pickle 🙂 I’ve decided to keep things more simple, and just pick a few of my favs, a couple lights and mini-stands, and my one lens.

    Don’t over think things. Besides, scarcity is the mother of creativity, so think of this trip as an excuse to exercise that scarcity.

    • brett_wilson

      “Exercise scarcity!” Brilliant. I’ve spent many of these trips lugging around boxes of minifigures that never see the light of day. I am packing light this trip. Well, light on minifigures, but this time there’s other toys taking their spots?!

  2. Well if you’re taking some Chima, then I think you’re on the right track! I love this photo!!!!

    Honestly as someone who just got back from a weekend where I was determined to take toy photographs I can tell you I once again packed too many toys. I say take only a handful and use this as an opportunity to look in other peoples toy boxes, experiment with new toys and chat up the other participants. I know we all want to show off our coolest toys, but they never get used.

    Have fun and I hope the weather cooperates!!

  3. Franco

    Don’t worry Brett. I’ll make sure you take photos. I love taking photos of you on the floor taking photos of toys. If you’re not taking photos then what am I gonna take photos of? Toys? Nah!

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