September we are doing a “one and done” challenge in the form of #oneclicknoedit photo challenge. Just take a photo, no editing, no special effects and such, just like “bare” lightsabers in the picture by Tomek Skog above. Then post the toy photo on our MeWe community page with the hashtag #oneclicknoedit. We will pick the top three in October!

Of course, you can post whatever photos you want, but these three challenge entries should be as straight out of the camera as possible. And one more, important thing! Try to take only one photo, please avoid multiple takes. Enjoy more samples below and enjoy the toy photography challenge!

Top #OneClickChallenge Photos

1st Place: Daniel Germain and Ken Loh share the first place! Daniel’s Unexpected Visitor one-click shot was a lucky strike, while Ken’s Ultraman’s picture is an elaborated piece. Congratulations Gentlemen!

2nd Place: Mark Phillips Unravel character. A great portrait with a nicely highlighted figure against a slightly bokeh green background. And this color of a handmade figure! It really pops! Congratulations Mark!

3rd Place: goes to Stellan Johansson and his heavy meta toy toy photography. A well-composed, and funny picture. Congratulations Stellan!

Preview Images From Our Staff

Photo by Shelly Corbett

Photo by Matt McDonald