Welcome to Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania or better known simply as The Office. This was one of my favorite television shows so when I heard LEGO was releasing The Office (#21336) I couldn’t wait. I received the set for Christmas and started to work on the build right away.

The Build

This build has 1164 pieces and it was one of the easiest builds that I’ve done with Lego. I roughly took me about 6 hours off and on to complete everything. The set contains Pam’s reception desk, the main work area where Jim, Dwight and the rest of the group work, Michael’s office and the meeting room. I like that Michael’s office slides out which allowed me to get my camera in close to take photos. The opening for the meeting room allows the same easy camera access to that space.

Just a heads up, there are A LOT of stickers so it can be a little time consuming matching everything up.

The Minifigures

The big selling point for me with this set is the 15 Lego minifigures you get. ALL of the main cast of characters are here. Michael, Pam, Jim, Dwight, Stanley, Meredith,  Ryan, Phyllis, Oscar, Angela, Kevin, Creed, Kelly, Toby and  Darryl. Erin and Andy are not included but this might be because they didn’t appear until later seasons. Of the 15 of the figures, all but three have double printed heads. Kevin, Darryl and Creed only have the one facial feature where Ryan has one facial feature but one is clean cut and the other a little more scruffy.

Special Features

The level of detail and the many “easter eggs” included in this set will be a thrill for any true The Office fans. These include: Jello with Dwight’s stapler in it; Dwight’s note to his future self and a trash can on fire. They even included Stanley’s crossword puzzle book and Dwight’s hidden weapons stash complete with sword! Jim’s engagement ring he purchased for Pam is also included with many more for you to discover!

Photography Opportunities

The layout of The Office set allows for some great photo opportunities. Michael’s office slides out so you can arrange many different setups and the same goes for the meeting rooms. All the extra items in the office like the sofa’s, desks and filing cabinets can be removed and used for stand alone photograph setups. The minifigures will be great to use for different photos and all the accessories that come with the characters will add to the enjoyment. 


If you are a fan of The Office, you will love this set and everything that it has to offer.

Happy Building!


You can see more of Barb’s photos at @Bkmphotoclick