Happy almost Halloween Toy Photographers! We are celebrating Halloween and Spooktober with a variety of creative photos that you can find in our MeWe group on the Instagram tag #tp_spooktober!

Photo by Wendy Verboom @verboomwendy
Why zombies are terrible kayakers…. Photo by Shelly Corbett @shellycorbettphotography
In preparation for Deadpool 3, Wolverine and Deadpool teamed up to carve a pumpkin. Photo by Matt McDonald @equalmotion
Trick or treat! Do skeletons and monsters dress up as humans for Halloween? Photo by Zoran Pesic @bricktoygrapher
The Dark Trooper says hello. Photo by Brian Carr @briancarrphotos
There was always that one kid in the neighborhood who was a bit extra with the Halloween costume. Mine were usually homemade. Photo by Chris Witlow @cawhitlow

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