Sometimes when I work too much (this happens often) I like to put on cartoons in the background instead of music or podcasts—mainly because cartoons make me happy, just like toy photography. Recently Hulu recommended One-Punch Man to me and I dove in. I was actually really entertained, and instead of working, I ended up watching every episode. The show is pretty funny and I really enjoyed the concept, so I ventured out to find a custom minifigure from the Brick Bunch and got to shooting.

One-Punch Man takes on the Empire. In one punch.
One-Punch Man helps Batman in Gotham City.
“You think just one punch is funny, Joker?”
Evil Superman, normal Superman, any type of super person stands no chance against one punch.
Mysterio’s illusions can’t hide from One-Punch Man.
If only the Marvel Universe had One-Punch Man, the whole Thanos saga would have ended a very, very long time ago.

I hope you enjoyed the post and hopefully a new episode of One-Punch Man will arrive soon!