Jake Riddick, private investigator in the seamier parts of town, just agreed to look for a very valuable necklace and his client’s younger sister, who has gone missing along with the jewels. Well, that’s how he’d probably paraphrase it. Immediately after the client’s departure, he starts his investigation at the Olympique… just on a hunch.

The Noir Suites and stories I was working on last year seem to have developed a life of their own. Pictures beget pictures, bits of narrative start to add up to a larger story. This seems to bring me closer to my dream of finishing a graphic short story – a noir comic – some day soon.

From that larger story, I’ve already shared some bits and sequences, but it seems to get harder to separate these sequences into six image narratives. So I’ve decided to do a series of “sins” and link them together, and I am very grateful to Toy Photographers for going along with that experiment.