If you have followed my posts you should know by now I really like Spider-Man and when Marvel introduced the Spiderverse I was super excited. When Hasbro released their Miles Morales action figure I picked it up and it is one of my favorites, but it lacked a few qualities for photo purposes that the Mafex Miles Morales Spider-Man had like the additional articulation and clothing. I had a lot of fun getting creative and capturing photos of this new action figure and tried out some new concepts as well. Take a look and I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

Miles getting hyped up for a night on the town with some music.
Spider-Man swinging through Seattle and the South Lake Union neighborhood. In this version of the Spiderverse everyone wears a mask due to COVID as you can see with the Shepherd Farley mural next to the Space Needle in the background. This was a fun photo to create using a pic I captured in real life of the city and one I captured in my apartment. It was great to use our MeWe community to get some feedback on the image as well. I plan on working on more photos like this and hope to do a video tutorial after I improve the technique.
Swinging through the city with style.
Hanging around in Seattle. One of the cool things with this figure is it comes with additional feet and hands with magnets in there, so he can hang around on metal subjects.
Time to head home after fighting crime in the city.