It snowed a bit in Seattle last week and I wanted to capture some photos of the snow. Due to the pesky day job, I had limited time to capture the snow, so I pulled out a few of my LEGO stormtroopers and had some fun in my backyard.

Some stormtroopers get to work and use snowblowers to clear paths for their fellow troopers.
A few stormtroopers shred the gnar.
More often than not, stormtroopers get lost in the snow.
Since stormtroopers get lost in the snow, they travel in packs.
Stormtrooper angels are a must.
Stormtroopers get to keep their old gear. This one put his outdated helmet to work.

~ Matt McDonaldFollow him on Instagram at @macrotoys (toy photography) and @equalmotion (general photography). Don’t miss his previous Six-Image Narrative, Using the Force of Photoshop with Yoda.