When I got the chance to go to the LEGO House this year, there was one set I wanted to pick up. The little Architecture version of the house.

When I got to the store though, it didn’t really appeal to me and my limited budget! What did appeal, and what had much more value to me as a toy photographer, was the set of three LEGO house dinosaurs. These are models based on the giant dinosaurs in the creative gallery at the house. There is one to represent each of the types of LEGO: regular bricks, Technic bricks and DUPLO. Each is made up of those types of bricks.

This is half review, half I just wanted to share these awesome models with you! Should you ever get the chance to purchase them, it comes well recommended from this photographer!

I had the chance to play with one on the trip (the risk of borrowing toys again!), and the adorableness and posability of the dinosaurs called out to me! They have so much in the way of flexibility, especially in their tails, that photographing them was a delight. They are also surprisingly robust, and limbs stay attached even with a bit of rough handling. Building them was pretty fun, too, and with three models and three instruction manuals, a great family activity.

LEGO dinosaur chasing a piggy
Run, piggy, run!

The dinosaurs

So let’s take a look at the three dinosaurs in the set:

First, we have the green dinosaur. The one in the LEGO House is made of regular LEGO bricks. He looks great out in the autumn leaves, having a blast jumping in the piles.

LEGO dinosaur playing in the autumn leaves

Next up, we have the yellow Technic dinosaur. His legs are a little less flexible than the other two models, but he has some spectacular detail ready to photograph. Just look at all those cogs holding him together!

LEGO dinosaur in the rain

Finally we have the DUPLO dinosaur, and my personal favourite.

LEGO dinosaur with a mushroom
LEGO Dinosaur roaring

Whilst not built out of DUPLO, the bright colours, flower studs and stickers add to the feel of the model. This model comes out particularly well in a garden against green, the red popping wonderfully.

LEGO dinosaur sitting on a log

Overall, this set is a great addition for toy photographers who love dinosaurs. Yes, you’ll probably have to go to the LEGO House to get it, but it’s a pretty wondrous place so I am sure you will love it! Plus, you’ll get to see these guys in their full-sized awesomeness!

~ Lizzi

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