Save the Date!

Grab a big red pen. Go to your calendar. Thumb the pages to October. Place a great, whopping circle around Saturday the 19th. There you go. You’ve just saved the date for the next Melbourne Toy Photographers meetup!

“But it’s only June. Why am I circling dates on my calendar this early?”

“Good question!”

The next Melbourne Toy Photographers meetup will be a special one. October will see us joined by two international guests! I’m super excited to announce that as well as all the usual Melbourne Toy photographers meetup fun, we will be joined by Shelly!

This is not only a chance for me to repay Shelly for a the wonderful times she showed me in Seattle and at the Oregon Toy Photo Safari, it’s also a chance for us Australian Toy Photographers to show her a good time!

As well as Shelly joining us for in Melbourne for the meetup, we will also be joined by Sunny! It’s super exciting to hear that Sunny is making the trip over from Singapore to be joining us.

Melbourne Toy Photographers meetup
allies & mentors

Aren’t you glad I asked you to circle the date in you calendar now?

Over the next couple of months we’ll be giving out more details about what we’ve got planned for the night before, the day, and the evening. So stay tuned for more announcements!

– Brett

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  1. Brett, that “S” addition on the Chima armor is everything. Genius! And this sounds epic. Dang it — wish I could join the huge party, too. Can’t wait to learn more and hear the tales for months to come… Why not start telling those tales soon? October seems far away.

    • brett_wilson

      Thanks Doug. The Superman “S” was a last minute addition to this set up, but I’m happy it made it in.
      We wish you could make it too. We’ll be sure to share all the adventures as they unfurl to keep you entertained from afar.

  2. I can imagine that you will all be very busy making the most of this visit. As a host, it is always a natural compulsion to give visitors the very best of time and as a guest, it is a natural desire to not waste one minute of the experience.
    This said I hope there will be an opportunity for me to meet you all in the flesh. I have been exchanging with Shelly and Sunny for years now on Instagram and it would be wonderful to see them in Melbourne.
    So Brett, please let me know if there could be an opportunity for me to have a beer with you all at some point during their stay. Thank you! Cheers!

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