Who would have thought that teeny tiny rubber toys would bring such fun for toy photographers? And yet, the good luck minis from Safari Ltd do just that!

I’ve really fallen in love with these little models, and I thought I would share the benefits of them with you and see if anyone else loves these as much as I do! This is a very quick review, as befits the simplicity of these toys!

So what’s so charming about these little creatures?

1. They are pretty detailed for a 75p bit of rubber. I mean, sure the printing is not perfect, but for the cost and the size, it’s not bad!

Big roar from a wooly mammoth!

2. They are good to pop in your pocket for a fun photo when out and about. They do attract a little bit of fluff, but put them in a little bag or container, and they are the perfect pocket-sized toys for just about all locations!

Dinosaur exploring Cambridge!

A finger-clinging Sloth! What’s not to love!

3. There is a huge range of options in them, from sloths to dinosaurs to pufferfish. Check out the website to see just how many types of these toys there are! I mean, where else are you going to get such sea creatures to photograph?

A flower loving pufferfish!

4. They are cute. This pretty much does it for me! I’m not even that big a dog fan, but check out these adorable models!

The perfect pair of doggies!

At the Cambridge toy safari I think we all bought some of these tiny toys, and you can spot them in photos from across the weekend! Check out the hashtag and see if you can find them!

I now have 14 of them, and I can definitely see myself getting more! For the cost, size and variety, they are the perfect pocket money toy for all toy photographers! They are also perfect for this months MeWe cheap toys challenge!

Have you played with these toys? What do you think? What other cheap toys have you found work for toy photography? Let me know in the comments!
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