July saw our G+ community looking for their favourite toy in the latest challenge.

Sounds easy, right? Well the varied approach to this challenge shows it wasn’t easy picking just one favourite toy, but the resulting entries were both wonderful and insightful!

One Toy to rule them all,
One Toy to find them,
One Toy to bring them all
and in the camera bind them.

The One. Favourite toy!

Maybe You have this special one toy. Figure of favourite character or maybe a toy that brings memories and takes You far away to the past.

Some of you will point favourite toy in a second, others will think if they have a favourite toy at all.

The Winner

The winner is Jantman, erm, I mean +janan lee with his great Ant-Man playing with little one!

July G+ Challenge: Janan Lee

July G+ Challenge: Janan Lee



The Runners Up

On the second place please welcome +Reiterlied ! His love for this strange beast, called T-Rap lead him here!

July G+ Challenge: Reiterlied

July G+ Challenge: Reiterlied



And on the third place we have close encounter of the third (sic!) kind! +Stephen Leigh and his Dancing Daleks!

July G+ Challenge: Stephen Leigh

July G+ Challenge: Stephen Leigh



The Moderators

The G+ Moderators also picked their favourites, from childhood memories to their favourite toy photography muses.

[foogallery id=”21162″]

The August Challenge

This one is all about one. What? Yes, we’re asking you to interpret the idea of “ONE” any way you want. And there’s a pretty cool prize for the winner this month too…or should that be one?

This month’s contest is dedicated to the number one. How you choose to interpret the concept of one is up to you.

Maybe you immediately think of being alone?

One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do
Two can be as bad as one
It’s the loneliest number since the number one

Or maybe you prefer to think of one as being unique?

Embrace your uniqueness. Time is much too short to be living someone else’s life. – Kobi Yamada

Or maybe you prefer to channel the queen of unique … Unikitty!

Stay positive, stay positive.

However you choose to interpret this intentionally vague and wide-open theme is up to you. To encourage you to participate in this month’s theme we are offering up a truly unique prize – a complete set of 12 figures from the recently released Unikitty blind bag series.

(Because this is such an awesome prize everyone is eligible to win except Shelly and myself. Current and past G+ Mods, feel free to join in the fun!)

So, head over to our G+ Community and check out the entries already submitted and share your own ONE-derful photos. Don’t leave us ONE-dering!

– Brett

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