This past weekend there was a meet-up in London, a Brickstameet, hosted by The Courteous and cheepjokes who was visiting from Australia. It was a mash up with @igerslondon, who tend to do photowalks around London (and not ones normally involving toys)!

LEGO store with LEGO

Hanging out at the LEGO store as our starting point

I wasn’t going to go, but last minute that morning I decided to just go.

It was well worth it in the end! Even with only 5 toy photographers, introducing others to the awesomeness of toy photography, and getting a chance to get back into the swing of city photography before the Paris meet-up next week, meant it was a great afternoon. I also had a lot of fun with Woody exploring all the sights that London on a hot summer afternoon has to offer, even if he didn’t want to keep all his limbs attached at all times!

Woody with camera at Buckingham Palace

Say cheese!

Pika pika!

Behind the scenes

As always with these types of events, there was plenty of behind the scenes photography going on. Here are a few of my favourites from the day! (Thankfully it looks like no one caught me laying flat out on the (baking hot) road in front of Buckingham Palace!)


You can also check out the awesome photos being taken by both toy photography veterans and some completely new toy photographers over on Instagram. Here’s a sampling of the #brickstameetlondon hashtag! I think we have at least a couple of converts to the wonders of toy photography!

Upcoming meet-ups!

Come join us in [enter location name here]!

Did you think I’d forgotten? I haven’t!

So far 26 of you have filled in our UK meet-up survey! It looks like the weekend of the 29th/30th September is winning (hopefully with some late summer sun!), along with London as the location of choice!Β  I’ll be closing the survey on Sunday night so do make sure you fill it in if there is a chance you can make it and want to have a say!

All the info is in this blog post or you can go straight to the form.

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