I recorded an episode of the Toy Photographers Podcast with James recently (coming soon) and in it, he asked me about the UK toy community. Unfortunately, I could barely string a coherent answer together.

Because to be honest, other than a brief attempt to track down UK folk and get them to London for my toy safari in 2017, I haven’t really put that much effort into finding a local community. Doesn’t that just suck? Anyway, itΒ had to change.

So, I raised a plea for UK toy photographers to come forward on Instagram and G+. In one day, I had almost 30 responses. In three days I had almost 50 (and only someΒ pleading required!). A lot of folks were also amazingly helpful at passing on names and getting the message out!

By the end of the week, I had a lot of new people to follow from all areas of the country and all types of toy photography. There are toys now showing up in my feed that I wouldn’t have imagined existed last week!

Location, location

When I asked for photographers to get involved, I asked them for their location, as well as to give a brief description of their favourite place to shoot toy photos. There are far too many to include here, so I’ve selected a random sampling for you below.

I don’t have a particular favourite location to shoot photos, but rather, I like mossy areas (like you!), which tends to be on tree stumps and in small wooded areas in the UK. Oh and as a geologist, rocks are a great place to shoot too! – @shtacyp

My favourite place is the beach! #ilovesand – @chunkyyetfunkytoys

I try to find outdoor spaces that won’t ruin the scale of the figures. I also have a few dioramas that I use at home. – @mr_gizmo_

With my explosive/fire shots I do those in the garden (the neighbours love it haaa) though other locations I love to shoot at are Humber Bridge and the foreshore, and on the coast at Kilnsea. – @figurehertz

Isn’t it great that there is such a variety of interesting locations? A lot of people also shoot at home in a light box, and one even said (naming no names!) that their bathroom was the best place to shoot because of the light! Any other odd ‘at home’ locations out there?

I think one of the great things about getting in touch with other photographers is finding out about the things they do to get their photos, or the places they go because the background or light is what they need! I was sent so many great examples of the variety of toy photography options out there that I can’t help but share some of them! For example, check out this photo by @chrisrosephoto, taken in the Lake District. Doesn’t it just pull off the feeling of Endor with the light filtering between the trees?

Wookie in the woods

Or how about this shot by @jezbags that really invokes the feel of motion and excitement at sliding down a simple bannister?


Or this wild west themed shot by @snikt87, using filters to get the look of the old days.

Western nap

Or, going from completely dry, to completely wet, with this shot by @darrylljones!

Messing about in boats

Wherever these photos have been taken, and whatever the theme, it’s been an absolute thrill finding so many different types of photographer. Why not take that journey yourself and explore what these British Isles have to offer the toy photography community?

Toy Photographers ‘r’ Us

If you’ve reached this far, well done! This was a long post, with a lot of photos in! I do hope you will take the time to check out some of these photographers and follow them. Enjoy their photos whilst you are there. I know I did whilst reaching out to these guys!

Many thanks as well to all the toy photographers I reached out to (and messaged excessively!) over the last couple of weeks! Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us!

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