Trapped in time.

Cold, brittle and blue, water as ice in all shape and forms, it carries the memories of a distant past. Dancing lights reflected in its transparent structure revealing tales of old. 

Stories lost in time. 



  1. I like the concept of time and using ice / crystals to give that feeling of being frozen in place. The details on the crystals are beautiful, and as Marco said, the choice of black minifig made the contrast so stark and striking!

    • Christoffer

      As stated in comment I left above, sorry for late reply.
      The really made it a surreal place. Only thing I would have wanted was to have the figure frosted so it would have been more apart of its surrounding. Alas, leaving figure over night wasn’t an option, plus it was to cold and not enough huimidity to have ice crystals form om the figure it self over night. Thank you again. Cheers

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