The Series 18 Collectible Minifigures celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the LEGO Minifigure. And what better way to celebrate than a costume party?

Flowerpot Girl

With her pretty pink flower headpiece sitting atop the stem that is printed on her torso, the Flowerpot Girl is a horticultural delight. If I looked as lovely as she does, I’d smile too. Although all that time growing in the sun has given her freckles. Should flowers wear sunscreen? Maybe that question is why her other head print looks a little concerned?

Series 18: Flowerpot Girl

Flowerpot Girl

Hair is gold & her eyes are blue
I’m in love with the girl with the flower tattoo
Down By Law – Flower Tattoo

Series 18: Flowerpot Girl

Flowerpot Girl

The Minifigure sized terracotta coloured flowerpot is great new addition. I can’t wait to plant some Series 14 Plant Monsters and see it they grow!

Grow my pretty!

Grow my pretty!

Fireworks Guy

How cool are fireworks? They’re wear your sunglasses at night cool!

The fireworks rocket is a clever twist on the Series 17 Rocket Boy. The print on the fireworks rocket instantly took me back to the days that fireworks could be bought in the local shops here. There’s a lovely 1980’s style to the graphics.

Series 18: BANG!


Got an empty bottle in my pocket
And things are about to explode
Light the fuse and run away
Watch the bottlerocket go
Teenage Bottlerocket – Bottlerocket

Series 18: Light the fuse and run away, watch the bottlerocket go

Light the fuse and run away, watch the bottlerocket go

The fireworks’ flaming fuse appears dangerously close to this guy’s crotch. Yet he still smiles? Or maybe it’s more of a grimace?

Elephant Suit Girl

The elephant headpiece is gorgeous and sits atop a simply printed torso and legs, and a double-sided head, one smiling and the other squealing, presumably at the mouse. And if she’s like me, it’s a squeal of joy for the new LEGO mouse.

Series 18: Elephant Walk

Elephant Walk

Culture vulture
Elephant graveyard
Culture vulture
Engage monster
Mastodon – Iron Tusk

Series 18: EEK!


I’ve always been frustrated with LEGO mice. But this one quashes any frustrations I’ve had in the past.

Series 18: SQUEEK!


Red Dragon Suit Guy

His wings are from the Series 16 Imp. The tail is an adaptation of the Series 5 Lizard Man’s, with an added dragon point on the end. His double-sided head goes from smiling to anger in just a180° twist.

Series 18: Angry Dragon

Angry Dragon

Ride the dragon toward the crimson eye
Flap the wings under Mars red sky
The reptile pushes itself out into space
Leaving behind, the human race
Sleep – Dragonaut

Series 18: Happy Dragon

Happy Dragon

The real highlight is the headpiece and the torso printing. The headpiece is sure to be utilised beyond this character in photographs. Black scale prints adorn the upper arms and the torso, surrounding the orange printed reptilian underbelly.

Cowboy Costume Guy

Giddy up! His cow print vest reminds me of Woody’s from Toy Story, which is a fitting style for this Series. A more detailed cowboy torso like the Series 6 Bandit would’ve been too much for such a celebratory reflective Series. The sideburns are subtle nod to some of the earlier Minifigure head prints with their stylised lined sideburns, like Johnny Thunder from the Adventurers sets.  

Series 18: Howdy!


When suddenly Johnny gets the feeling he’s being surrounded by
Horses, horses, horses, horses
Patti Smith – Horses

The horse costume is a really clever addition that pays homage to the LEGO horse (10352c01pb01) with its white forehead and muzzle markings and a reminiscent pose of the legs.

Cat Costume Girl

Some people are cat people. Some people are dog people. I’m a dog person, but the Cat Costume Girl might just sway me.

Series 18: MEOW!


Get a shoe thrown at me from a mean old man
Get my dinner from a garbage can
Stray Cats – Stray Cat Strut

Series 18: The cat's meow!!

The cat’s meow!

The new head mould is great. It really gives the impression of a costume rather than just that of a cat. Maybe that’s because it doesn’t completely cover the head? Under her feline mask is a wonderfully “painted” face. She has a “Flying Monkey/Scratchy/Cheetah” style tail, this time in black, a black coat with white “socked” arms and legs, and a grey studded collar with a paw printed tag. I bet she has her eye on the Elephant Suit Girl’s mouse. Well, maybe after she’s finished her fish supper.

Birthday Cake Guy

A baby blue suit jacket splattered with pink cake frosting and a Minifigure head images emblazoned bowtie.This guy is a new twist on the Minifigures that we’re used to…he stands inside the cake, not through it like we’re used to. The cake is a great piece that will no doubt get a lot of use on its own.



It’s a very happy day
We are at lots of fun fun fun
And it’s ice-cream and jelly
And a punch in the belly
The Birthday Party – Happy Birthday

Series 18: Let them build cake!

Let them build cake!

A gold part hat sit atop his modernised standard hair, a nice twist on the original Minifigure hair, and another clever nod to the source of celebrations for this Series.

Cactus Girl

Simple yet stunning! When I first saw images of the Cactus Girl, I thought she was a little lacking in details. But I was wrong. Too much added “costume” details would’ve made this Minifigure destined to only be a costume. By keeping her and her costume simple, she can be used for so much more.

Series 18: Cactus Run!

Cactus Run!

Sitting here wishing on a cement floor
Just wishing that I had just something you wore
Pixies – Cactus

Series 18: It's hot work being a cactus!

It’s hot work being a cactus!

The two head prints are great especially the one looking concerned with all the days spent standing in the desert.

Birthday Party Boy and Birthday Party Girl

Party Boy and Party Girl might not be in costume for the party, but boy have they donned their finest party attire. The Party Boy’s Minifigure head printed short sleeved shirt is complimented by and striped tie. Party Girl’s singlet is accented by a pink bow, and her pigtailed hair sits under a purple party hat.

Series 18: We like to party!

We like to party!

You’ll be the one looking confused
And I’ll be the one looking for you
The Smith Street Band – Birthdays

Series 18: Present and accounted for

Present and accounted for

Both of them come bearing gifts with 2×2 crates printed on all four sides and a 2×2 printed tile on top. They both have balloons (weird sacks of breath *see below) that are wonderful new moulds with so many opportunities for creativity awaiting them.

Series 18: Series 1 and treats!

Series 1 and treats!

Party Boy has a printed 1×1 tile. The Series 1 Minifigure bag with the Ninja, Spaceman and Tribal Hunter is printed on it. A clever nod to the Minifigures that this series is celebrating. Party Girl comes with party treats.

Blue Unicorn Knight

Finally the Series 13 Unicorn Girl has a friend. And what a friend! With his confident winking, smiling face sitting under his golden horned blue unicorn head, he’s bound to look after his Series 13 friend.

Series 18: Blue Unicorn Knight

Blue Unicorn Knight

Seven hundredth unicorn is waiting in the skies
A symptom of the universe, a love that never dies
Black Sabbath – Symptom of the Universe

His torso is printed with a golden crown and stars motif. He also comes with a unicorn emblazoned shield and golden sword.

Spider Suit Boy

I love the expression on this Minifigure’s face. It almost look as if he’s feeling a little squeamish holding that spider, and that he’s in a spider costume! And then there’s the “meh” spider expression. I imagine all spiders look like this.

Series 18: Meh!


Spiderman, Spiderman
Does whatever a spider can
The Mr. T Experience – Spiderman

Series 18: Octet of awesome!

Octet of awesome!

The headpiece is wonderful. And the eight-legged back piece is super ace.

Series 18: Spiders?!

Spiders? Eww!

Race Car Guy

What a coincidence that the Race Car Guy’s race car is number 40. That’s the same number as the Minifigure anniversary! But you probably won’t notice that, because this guy’s probably whizzing past you too fast.

Series 18: And they're off...

And they’re off…

Jerry was a race car driver
And he drove so goddamn fast
He never did win no checkered flag
But he never did come in last
Primus – Jerry Was a Race Car Driver

Series 18: Nice wheels bro!

Nice wheels bro!

The racing jumpsuit and helmet and wonderfully printed with checkered designs, “clutch drive”, “grand prix” and “cross axle” sponsors logos. The car costume is a great accessory too. I can’t wait to see the brilliant photos that will undoubtedly be created using the car costume without the driver.

Series 18: Nice engine bro!


Police Officer

Classic, in every sense of the word. With only one in every box, I’m sure he’ll be in high demand. But it shouldn’t be based on his rarity. It should be because he’s a brilliant remake of 1978 Police Officer.

Series 18: Police Officer

Classic Police Officer

Police, police, police and thieves, oh yeah
Police, police, police and thieves, oh yeah
The Clash – Police and Thieves

Series 18: 600 Police Car

600 Police Car. Genius!

The printed tile represents the 600 Police Car is a Town themed set released in 1978. This set contains 21 pieces, building a Police Car and a Police Officer. A stroke of nostalgic genius!

Party Clown

It’s no secret that I have a fear of clowns. And I think balloons are weird.

Series 18: Party Clown

Party Clown

Balloons are so weird… “Happy birthday, here’s a plastic sack of my breath.”
– Bill Murray

But this Party clown with his sacks of breath are fantastic! His red bow tie, orange Joker- esque coattails, orange and purple jacket and oversized top hat with purple flower print are great.

Series 18: Clownin' around

Clownin’ around

Such a funny guy
To your face, yeah
Pocket full of lies
Taste like mace, yeah
Dune Rats – Funny Guy

Series 18: What breed are you?

What breed are you?

The purple and green trans balloon poodles are so good. Again, I can’t wait to see these appear in photos!

LEGO Brick Suit Guy and LEGO Brick Suit Girl

I was super keen to check out these two costumes. Could they interlock like regular non-costume LEGO Bricks? Would LEGO allow them to interlock, or could that be misinterpreted as a bit rude?

Series 18: LEGO Brick Suit Guy & Girl

LEGO Brick Suit Guy & Girl

You like the cut, you like the fit
Wide in the shoulders, trim at the hips
Fugazi – Nice New Outfit

Series 18: Connected


Well, the LEGO Brick costumes can interlock. So that answers those questions. The head prints on these two are great! And the brick is actually the torso, so that answers my question of how the head fits so snugly too!


I can’t remember a stronger assembly of Minifigures than Series 18!

This is one costume party that I’d happily attend, but undoubtedly leave without a “best costume” award. Gee, imagine having the arduous task of picking a best dressed winner. Can the prize be split 17 ways?

The Series 18 Collectible Minifigures are due to hit the shelves April 1st.

Thanks to our friends at LEGO for giving us the opportunity to review this series.


As with all our LEGO CMF reviews, we’ll be giving away a complete set of Series 18 Minifigures, including the one and only Police Officer! As a thank you to you for reading this review, you get a head start on those who haven’t. We’ll be asking for “party” themed photos, celebrating the LEGO Minifigure to posted on G+ and Instagram using the #toy_photographers and #toy_photographers_series18 tags. We’ll announce the giveaway in the next week, but you have a head start, just for reading our review! You can enter as many times as you want. We’ll be calling on our past CMF giveaway winners to help us judge the best and most creative photos. Good luck! 

– Brett

Do you have a favourite Minifigure from Series 18?



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