You’ve probably hear of the popular idiom: The Devil is in The Details. We decided to put it to the test for our November photography challenge. As Tony explained in the original challenge:  Often details are overlooked by a viewer’s conscious observation, but they still add to (or detract from) an image. Like all good challenges, we wanted to see how our community would interpret this rather broad definition.

All Details are not Equal

You know your contest will be a good one when the theme is interpreted in different ways. The Devil is in the Details was no different. Participants interpreted the challenge in three different ways:

  • Close up photo of a particular detail on a toy
  • Using selective focus to highlight a small sliver of the image
  • Selecting an environment that will reflect the story

Is the Devil truly in the details? Lets find out!  

The Winner

My Precious Detail by Joseph Cowlishaw

The Runner – Up

WWII Grenadiers by Plastic Jake

Honorable Mention (Mobile)

Over my Dead Body by Andrea Mad-Phoenix

Honorable Mention (DSLR)

The (Dust) Devil is in The Details by Dennis T

The Best of the Rest

Detail of Dr Who Set by Stefan Kumlien

Something fish going on by Stefan Kumlien

Phone Home by Ang Cheng Ann

Ghostbuster by Dave DeBaermaeker

Gives you Wings! by Jeffrey van Zeijst

Ecto – 1 by Ang Cheng Ann

Mjölnir by Wendy Verboom

Thank you to everyone who participated in our November challenge: The Devil is in The Detail. The images created are beautiful and truly inspiring!

December Challenge: Photo Phestivities

Every month, in our G+ Community, we challenge our members with a new photo contest. For December, our contest is in line with the season. R. E. Wolf, has eloquently outlined the December challenge:

It’s the 2017 Phestive Season, and we want to see what that means to you! Is it preparing for the Festival of Lights? Shopping until you can’t see straight? Traveling 27 hours to get “home”? Baking with Mom? Taking Dad to the hospital after that light-hanging incident? What about when you were a child? What memories come rushing back? If it’s part of your Phestive Season, we’re challenging you to capture it… with toys! [pointing to the community title] Whether it’s a memory, a wish, or your phavorite seasonal television show, we challenge you to show the rest of us!

Contests and challenges are a great way to stay motivated. I hope you will join us in December for another phestive and phun contest! And don’t forget… we have prizes!!

~ Shelly

You have until the last day of December to post up to three images in the G+ community to be in the running for one of our two prizes this month: a small lego set or your very own AntMan! 

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From the Moderators

The Dark Side is an eternal temptation… by Jason Nvrmore

The Handmaid’s Tale by Julie Blair

Attention to Detail by Tomasz Lasek

A pirate minion’s life can be problematic… by Tony Tulloch

Its all in the details by Lizzi Standing