November 30th.

The countdown for Christmas begins tomorrow.

This coming weekend, seasonal toys will be brought down from the loft, the tree will go up, snowflakes will be made and the fairy lights will be deployed for bokeh themed shots. I’ve already hunted out and prepped the Christmas minifigures and accessories so they are ready for action!

Gingerbread House with gingerbread man minifigure

Last year’s sweetie heaven! What will this year bring?

I’m a big fan of the run up to Christmas, and one thing I always do, aside from make a gingerbread house, is get an advent calendar.

Recently it’s been a LEGO Star Wars one, the highlight (for me) being Darth Santa from 2014.

Darth Santa delivering Christmas presents in front of lit tree

2014’s Darth Santa braves the bokeh to deliver gifts!

This year I wasn’t keen on any of the LEGO ones so I had a look around and chose one from Playmobil! I’ve had an growing interest in Playmobil towards the end of this year and thought I would see what it had to offer for a branching out toy photographer!

Mini me is super excited and tried to get an early peak at what she could photograph this year!

A cheeky look behind door number 1!

I’ve had to stop her and ply her with hot coco to keep all the new toys a surprise!  I’m really looking forward to what tomorrow morning brings and can’t wait to photograph some new festive toys!

I’m sure I need more mugs than this for you lot!

Stay tuned for an update on my advent calendar later in the month! In the meantime, make sure you get some hot coco to celebrate the start of the festive season!

Have you got a toy advent calendar this year? Are you planning on using it for some festive toy photography? Let me know in the comments where I can see your photos! I would love to take a look at the variety of calendars out there!

– Lizzi