I don’t know how you look at your photography, maybe you are thinking just like me or maybe in a totally different way. Last night when I couldn’t sleep I let my mind wonder away around this question: “What makes an image?”

And thinking of it I came to the following answer. An image is:

• a mix of pixels or grains (I never meant to exclude analog photographers)
• a result of a technical knowledge
• a copy of the reality as it is
• a story about the motive
• or a story about the photographer

What is an image for you? Is it something above or a combination of things above?

Let me rephrase my question: What makes a great image?

Is it the technics, the motive, the photographer or is it a combination of everything above?

Right now much of my work is sketches in which I explores technics, ideas, motives, stories until I through my photography find my story and once I do. I know I get an image.