Childhood in Six Images

What do we have here?
Adventure time!
Faster! Faster!
BFF’s forever!
Where did she go?


    • Thanks Brett for your kind words and support. Im glad you still have your teddy bear! Keep him safe!

      Other than all the other reasons I gave for this post, your comment stirred up another one. I don’t have my original stuffy. He was a walrus of all things. I came across him in my early 20’s and Ive since lost track of him. Maybe I’m trying to make amends for that loss of trust.

  1. What a beautiful series of photos Shelly. Her teddy bear may feel neglected now but I like to think that she’ll always have a place for him. I agree with Brett, I still have my teddy bears from childhood and they live happily on shelf in the house where I can see them 🙂 Wonderful story!

    • Thanks Lynn! Im glad your childhood friends are safe. We’ve been cleaning house here and culling my kids stuffed animals down to a manageable level. We are saving only the ones with names and special meanings. Which honestly is still a lot! But after losing track of my own childhood friends, I don’t mind hanging onto a few more than we probably should. 🙂

  2. Shelly, at first glance I thought: sweeeet! But the end is, as Brett put it, a bit heartbreaking.
    A great and profound story about life or even an Entwicklungsroman (I understand that’s also the technical term in English) in six simple pictures. You have my admiration! Kudos!

    • Tobias, Im truly honored by your kind words. Thank you for introducing me to the concept of: Bildungsroman. Gee, there’s a word for everything! I think there’s something truly tragic about the end of childhood. As my daughter approaches 21 and is casting off those last vestiges of childhood and my son approaches 13, I see that transformation up close. Or maybe I’m simply trying to get back a little bit of that magic and innocence of my own childhood? Oh boy, I think I see a red thread to be pursued further. 🙂

    • That is a heartbreaking image of a grown up Calvin! Childhood ends and the task before us is how to preserve some of that magic. Maybe my little protagonist will come back to her teddy bear friend and rescue him. Even if we outgrown our childhood (nd adult) friends, we can still honor them and their gift of friendship. 🙂

  3. Miss__Feklista

    Very touching story and such a sad end! :((( I’d like to think she would remember him and come back…
    Very beautiful shots, Shelly! This story isn’t about toy photographers , they don’t grow up by heart. 🙂

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