“Never have I found the limits of the photographic potential. Every horizon, upon being reached, reveals another beckoning in the distance. Always, I am on the threshold.”

-W. Eugene Smith

As we struggle with Instagram’s constantly changing algorithm many toy photographers are trying to figure out where in this social media world they belong. Of course I’m going to vote for Google + and the Toy Photographer’s Community, but really our images can fit anywhere that any other photo can.

Someone who takes pictures of people isn’t only going to consider themselves a portrait photographer. Maybe they’ll share their images to a wedding photography category, event photography, or even landscape depending on what all is in the photo.

As toy photographers, we are passionate about toys for various reasons, but no matter why, we share that passion through photography. In that, we are photographers and, if we choose, can mingle with those who shoot any kind of subject matter

There are so many genres of photography, toy photography being one of them on its own. But within toy photography we practice many others. A photograph of a toy figure’s face is a portrait, that shot you took out and about is a travel photograph, the full scene you set up in your studio could be a landscape. Really the possibilities are endless and our photos can definitely occupy the space of those popular genres.

For example, here are some toy photos listed by popular categories in which they can easily belong.

Street, Transportation, People, City

Run Away! by Shelly Corbett

Macro, Abstract, Still Life

by aliceincleveland

Family, Animals, Black & White, Nature, Landscape

There is peace even in the storm

by Shelly Corbett

Black & White, Celebrities, Fashion, People, Performing Arts

by James Garcia

Landscape, Nature, People

Toxic Environment by aliceincleveland

People, Transportation, Travel, Water, Animals

by Tony Tulloch

Celebrities, Street, Sports, Action, People

Marty McFly by Jason Nvrmore

Night, Urban Exploration, Street, People

by Jennifer Nichole Wells

So where do toy photos belong? Everywhere.

Have you ever posted your photos in other photographic categories? 

Why do you think toy photographers define themselves separately from the world of photography?

-Jennifer Nichole Wells