Monday morning. Eurgghhh! Sitting in front of my computer wading through a mountain of missed emails after a long weekend away.


“Oh great, another email!”

Hang on! This one’s from the mail room. There’s a package for me to collect from the parcel collection lockers? I don’t remember ordering any toys recently? Has drunk Brett been buying sober Brett surprises again?

No, it’s a package from LEGO!! It’s a package containing the upcoming Series 17 Collectable Minifigures!

My regular blog post will be a little later than usual this week; rather than rushing to photograph and review this series, I’ll delay my next post to give them the attention they deserve.

Series 17: Retro Spacemen and Rocket Boys

Space Parade

So stay tuned for a full review later this week. And stay tuned for a giveaway announcement too!

Series 17: Circus Strong Men

Strength In Numbers

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some Minifigures to photograph and review.