I’ve had a break from my morning habit of taking out my toy box to make photographs. In my universe, it has been a long break! Almost six month. You might be wondering why; the answer is simple – I simply haven’t had any inspiration.

I have already seen that picture

I know that the lack of inspiration is not a real explanation. Inspiration usually comes if I decide to photograph. So maybe lack of inspiration isn’t the true reason. I have felt that it’s hard to find something to explore. I haven’t found any stories that I want to tell with my toys, or maybe I have told all my stories before… One effect of this has been a lack of motivation, and a lack of willingness to photograph toys… Why should I go out and shoot when I don’t have any idea of what the outcome will be?

It’s your kind of light

I have found myself in this pit for a while. Maybe I’m still there. But I can say it all changed one day when my husband said:

– It’s your kind of light out there. Why don’t you go out?

That sentence got me to put on my shoes and take my toy box in one hand, my camera in the other and I went out to photograph. But I’m not sure if I went out to do toy photography or to play with the light reflecting in and around the toys. My husband’s words about the light got me to see one of the things that is essential to me and why I come back to toy photography time after time…and that is the light.

The light itself enchants me.