@krash_override, @Lizzybelle9, and myself will be hosting the 2017 Stuck in Plastic US meet-up in San Francisco but we can’t decide on the best weekend. We’ve come up with three good possibilities and now it’s your turn to let us know which one works best for you.

If you’re not familiar with these toy photography meet-ups, they are casual affairs designed to explore our host city, meet fellow toy photographers, learn new photography techniques and foster lasting friendships. The US events are spread over several days to allow attendees to arrive, acclimate, and have plenty of time with their fellow toy photographers. At all our past events (both Europe and US) toy photographers have arrived as strangers but left as friends.

In 2015 we gathered in the desert near Las Vegas, NV and in 2016 we hung out near Seattle, WA.  At the end of our 2016 gathering,  San Francisco was at the top of everyone’s list of cities to visit for a 2017 meet-up.  Dennis, Melissa and I have been working since June planning which picturesque photography locations we want to take you to; these include the Albany Bulb, Golden Gate Park, Sutra Baths and Fort Baker to name a few. Besides the opportunity for excellent photography, there will be plenty of time to socialize, both structured and unstructured (more on that later!).

If this sounds like a fun way to spend a weekend then please fill out the survey below and let us know which weekend works best for you.

We will announce the final date in January of 2017 to give everyone plenty of time to arrange vacations and travel.

These events are always tons of fun, life changing even, so we hope to see as many of our friends in San Francisco  for our 2017 US Edition of the Stuck in Plastic Toy Safari !

Sincerely your US Toy Safari Team,

~ Shelly, Melissa and Dennis.

Unikitty left her heart in San Francisco. Can you help her find it by joining our 2017 toy safari?

Unikitty left her heart in San Francisco. Can you help her find it by joining our 2017 toy safari?