On behalf of Boris, Vesa, Mike and myself, I want to officially welcome Brett Wilson to the Stuck in Plastic team!

Yes, I realize that’s a really weird statement to make since Brett has been writing a weekly post for the blog since April of this year. He has been one of many guest posters that have been gracious enough to share their knowledge, wisdom and experiences with this community. But in the last few months he has moved beyond being a very reliable guest poster to being a reliable and insightful member of our little group.

Brett has always been a leader within the Instagram LEGO community. If you’ve been on the platform for a few years you may remember his frequent calls for wonderfully inventive themed toy photography weekends, such as #coolmetalplastic and  #jabbasjamboree, that he promoted with help of his friends, @East_Mountain, @Smokebelch2 and @zenith_ardor.  Recently, here on Stuck in Plastic, he made a similar challenge involving bringing the #Legogirlstothefront. He has also teamed up with fellow Melburnians @CheepJokes, @TheShortNews and @LLWorld to host a toy photographers meet-up called #Brickstameet. It’s this type of creative leadership that makes Brett a perfect addition to the SiP team.

Writing for a blog is not an easy task. I know because I watch my fellow blog mates struggle finding topics to write about that they feel will benefit the community. Whenever I ask a fellow toy photographer to contribute a “Why?” statement to the blog, I invariable get a response back: “That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done!” So to find a talent like Brett, that not only has taken to the task of weekly posting but has run with it, is rare indeed. I think he revels in the challenge. 🙂

Also, his perspective as a photographer who has moved from a phone camera to a semi-professional DSLR, is a journey so many of us can relate to. His first foray into showing his work this coming October,  and the prospects of selling it, is also a journey so many of us have or want to take. I’m hoping he will share more of his experience, and the lessons he’s learning, as he makes the last push to his first exhibition.

Thank you Brett for all the time and energy you’ve already give to the Stuck in Plastic community. I know that Boris, Vesa, Mike and I look forward to working with you in the coming months as we continue to find new and creative ways to grow our community.

~ Shelly

My favorite Brett post was Rebel Grrrl, a subject near and dear to my heart. What’s your?




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