Stuck in Plastic is officially two years old!

Beginnings are always messy. – John Galsworthy

That’s the quote I used  two years ago as Boris and I were getting our feet wet and figuring out this new adventure we’d embarked on together. I think all beginnings are messy, working on this blog has been messy and certainly creating art is messy. In fact I think we can agree that life is messy.

I will admit our beginnings were messy; it ‘s not always easy working with someone who is ½ a world away and several time zones removed. Boris and I both lead busy lives and squeezing in another obligation has always been a challenge. Even from those humble beginnings two year ago, Boris and I knew that Stuck in Plastic had the potentially to grow into something truly special and we were committed to making that happen. When I look back at all the amazing posts (586 to be exact) that have been written and posted by no less than 21 incredibly talented people, I know that we’re well on our way to realizing that early potential.

Even now, as I reflect on the amazing team of photographers who’ve agreed to write for the blog on a regular basis, Mike, Vesa, Kristina and Matt, as well as our numerous guest contributors, I know that we’re growing into something even greater than I could have imagined. Each member of our main team brings a unique viewpoint, a wealth of information, and a willingness to share their knowledge and experiences with our ever expanding community. I couldn’t be more honored to share this blog with each and every one of them.

Of course we couldn’t have created any of this without our dedicated group of readers. I realize that in this fast paced world that we live in, that it’s hard to find time for a blog that focuses on the niche world of toy photography. We’ve tried to earn your loyalty by publishing articles that celebrate all toy photography and the underlying creative drive that is within us all. We’ve tried to give voice to the “Why?” of what we do. We’ve attempted to inspire you with our own creative journeys. And we’ve attempted to illuminate the larger issues that affect our community that can’t be dealt with on platforms like Instagram, Facebook or G+.

Stuck in Plastic (this blog, our meet-ups, the friends I’ve made), mean the word to me. Throughout this two-year journey, I’ve learned more than I can ever express. I’ve learned to love the writing process, I’ve learned that it’s ok to be challenged and fail, I’ve learned to trust my own artistic process and most importantly I’ve learned that I’m part of an amazing and supportive community of like minded people.

I don’t know what the future holds for any of us here at Stuck in Plastic. I know that we all struggle to balance work and the artistic life, but each of us in our own way is committed to growing this community. I hope that we can continue to count on your support, your suggestions and your engagement as we continue to explore issues related to toy photography.

From all of us here at Stuck in Plastic, thank you for the last two incredibly fun (and messy) years!

~ Shelly

What does Stuck in Plastic mean to you? I would love to hear your comments about what you like (and don’t like) about this blog. A few questions to get you thinking: What was your favorite topic that we’ve covered? Do you have a favorite post? What photographic issues are important to you?  How can we help you in your own creative process? 

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