I’m super excited for this new challenge which is aptly named: Sum of the Parts. And its pretty much exactly what it implies:

“Make two photographs that you feel convey a particular subject when they are viewed together, but that do not convey the same subject when they are viewed separately. This is a way of including the viewer in the creation of meaning in your work. The subject could be an experience, idea, piece of writing, or word.” Carlo Van de Roer, The Photographer’s Playbook

The reason I like this exercise is that it seems perfectly suited to the LEGO mini figure and toy photography. You can take any two photos and put them together and the sum will be greater than the individual parts. The more disparate the images, the more the viewer can insert his or her own story into the narrative. I’m excited about the story telling possibilities with this challenge.

I didn’t put very much thought into the image I presented here. I simply put two random images together that I happen to be working with over the weekend. Even though this particular set hasn’t been very thought out, I still think it raises a few interesting ideas about the nature of time, assimilation and heritage. I don’t know what I will end up creating for my final post, but I know I am going to enjoy the process.

I do hope you will join Kristin and I on this, our third challenge.


~ xxSJC

How do you challenge yourself to stay fresh creatively?

Stay tuned, tomorrows guest from @Krash_override takes a different approach to jump starting your creativity.