Vote: where should the next toy safari be?

As fall begins with ernest and the new year begins to loom on the horizon, we are already planning next years US toy photography safari.

Anyone who has attended either our Las Vegas or Stockholm editions, know that these special events are worth the effort to attend. The memories created by spending significant time with like minded individuals will last you a life time; not to mention the fun and unique photos you will take. You don’t want to miss our next safari!

We are taking what we have learned from the last two events (what worked and what didn’t) and are making a few changes. But before we get too far down the road, we want to know which city to throw our energies behind: Seattle or Chicago?

If you are interested in joining up with your fellow toy photographers for a weekend of photography, camaraderie and new friendships please take our poll. If you have any comments or questions about this event, please leave them below.

This is your chance to be heard….so please vote

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If you are wondering where these dates came from, I first asked the Las Vegas attendees where and when they preferred to meet. These were the two best locations decided upon by the group; early adoption has its perks. 🙂

This event is open to all toy photographers, not just LEGO photographers.


    • When I reached out to the original attendees of the Las Vegas meet-up, it quickly became apparent that I couldn’t please everyone. We had to make some hard choices. These two dates and places represented the best options for the original crew. As I said in my write up, making either of these events will take some effort. I am very sorry we will not see you in Chicago. Maybe you can meet us in Seattle or possibly in Europe later in the year?

    • John,

      There is a method to our madness. While San Francisco would be a lovely city to host our event it was set aside for this year. First, because we wanted an option closer to the east coast to entice eat coast and mid-west photographers to attend. Second San Francisco was too expensive for a west coast choice for those who wanted to stay on the west coast, so Seattle was chosen.

      We are considering San Francisco or San Diego for 2017 if that helps.


      • John Steffens

        San Francisco 2017 would be great.
        I would love to help host if it’s needed.
        A reasonable priced place to stay is the Metro Hotel.
        It gets high marks on yelp.
        Ten minutes from most places you would like to visit in San Francisco.
        I always stay there when I visit there (Three times a year)
        Awesome places to shoot; Alcatraz, Golden Gate Park, Mission district(Graffiti) Fort Point (Golden Gate Bridge area) Botanical Gardens and Chinatown

          • Shelly,

            Fall 2016 would be cool as I’m heading back there towards that time.
            San Francisco is easy to get around too.
            All you need is a Clipper card which gives you access to all cable cars, subways, buses and water ferries and you can get to where ever you want.
            No rental cars needed.
            I can throw lots of ideas and suggestions your way and we can make this happen.
            You’d be surprised how cheap it is in San Francisco if you play it right.
            My email is
            I can start giving some ideas this next week.

  1. I wonder two things:
    – can we change our vote?
    – when will the poll end?

    This event is something I would really love to attend and I have real difficulties to choose. I voted Chicago because it’s one of the big US cities I still haven’t visited. On the other hand Seattle is my favorite North American city and I know I would love to go there again to participate to a toy safari. Moreover I fear that I won’t be able to attend this event because first semester of 2016 might be a busy time for me at work and I might not be able to take vacation to go on a big trip to the US. But if there’s any hope for me to take vacation, it might work better in April than in May so if possible I would like to recast my vote.

    • I checked and I can’t delete your vote, I’m sorry! I did not put an ending date on the poll. I will see how the voting go through the month and most likely make a decision sometime in December. I want to give people time to look at calendars and check into flights. I will make a note that you would rather attend in Seattle rather than Chicago. Honestly I thought that our European friends would be happier about the Chicago choice because the connection would be easier. If Seattle ends up being the final choice it won’t be as exciting for me, but I can promise everyone a fantastic time. 😀

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