I would be a fool to not admit that I am continually influenced by my friends here in the StuckinPlastic collective. I am learning to be more aware of lighting from Mike, I am learning that it is ok to break the rules from Kristina, through Boris’s influence I am carrying more photo equipment with me in the field and Vesa showed me the power of “yes”.

Way back in March, when Boris and Vesa took a huge leap of faith and journeyed to my town for our first photo exhibition together, we had several days to engage in touristical activities that allowed plenty of time for exchanging information. I don’t know if it was over dinner one night, or in a long car ride exploring the country north of Seattle, but Vesa and I had a chat about the power of “yes”. It started because I thanked him for agreeing to be a part of the show and he said something along the lines of: “Of course, I aways say yes!”

That might seem like an obvious statement but I hear “No” more often than I care to admit when I ask people to write for the blog. For most artists and creative people that seems to be the standard answer. I certainly understand why, there are only so many hours in a day and we have our own responsibilities and agendas. It is hard to say “yes” to every opportunity or request that comes along. Most of us don’t have the time or the energy.

But I have taken Vesa’s advice to heart. No matter what the opportunities are that have come my way, I have always said yes, even if it isn’t convenient. It is not enough to do good work, or even great work, if no one sees it. You have to take every opportunity that is presented and make the best of it. Sure most of these won’t amount to much, but with each “yes” something is gained, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.

The show that the current StuckinPlastic crew is busily preparing for, is not coming at a particularly good time. We are all crazy busy and certainly having a show just a few months after a major one seems ill advised. But who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth? In many ways I am not ready for this next show, my work has not progressed enough to make me feel comfortable with this exhibition. But I am somehow making it work.

I have seen all of the images that will be displayed at the Bryan Ohno Gallery starting November 5th and I think they represent our toy photography community well. I will be pleased and honored to show my work next to the amazing photographs of Boris, Mike and Kristina who teach me so much every day through their blog posts and through our conversations.

I am glad Vesa said “yes” to me last year and I am glad I  I said “yes” to Bryan this fall. I know we are going to have another kick ass show and whatever opportunities appear after that, I know I will say “yes”.

~ xxSJC

One of the amazing opportunities presented to Vesa this year was the opportunity to create a book of LEGO photography depicting the entire Star Wars universe, not just his famous Hoth images, for DK publishing. This book will be release on November 10th. From what Vesa has revealed to us throughout the process, I am confident this is an amazing book. He is a notorious perfectionist, so to hear him speak positively about the final product, makes me excited to get my own copy. We may all not be as lucky as our friend, but he has demonstrated the power of “yes”. 

Robot walking on water (2015-10-15-1320)