I enjoy receiving ArtNetNews every morning in my mailbox. I enjoy the articles on the comings and goings of the fine art world. I feel like  a voyeur to this rarefied world of museums, galleries and million dollar art sales. It is a world I will never be a part of and I am just fine with that. The following headline reinforced this opinion:

Okwui Enwezor’s 56th Venice Biennale Is Morose, Joyless, and Ugly

So while the movers and shakers of the art world are hopping from one floating pavilion and art installation to another, looking to see and be seen at the latest Venice Biennial, I am more than happy to plan my next lego photo, interact with the amazing people that surround this blog and of course peruse all the latest and greatest photos from the Instagram toy photography community.

I have no pretensions that we will take the traditional art world by storm, or that we are creating art work that will change the course of history, but I do believe that we are creating work that reflects the world that we live in. From those ubiquitous Storm Troopers, to the super heroes out to save the world from the latest super villains, to the amazing custom toys I see every day on my feed, I truly believe the toy photography community is creating art that is more accessible to the average human on this planet than the work created for the Biennial.

And even if toy photography isn’t the next wave of Pop Art, I know that we have a heck of a lot more fun creating our work and we definitely spread joy in this world we all live in.

~ xxSJC

Anubis and Pharaoh out for a joy ride.

Anubis and Pharaoh out for a joy ride.

Do you think art should create social change or bring visual enjoyment to the viewer?  

Can you inspire social change through your art and still create something beautiful?