Practice Makes Permanence

I want to thank Me2 for holding down the blog while I was distracted with real life. I certainly had grand ideas about posting once or twice during my travel week, but that never actually happened. What did happen was I practiced my craft…every day.

I went into this travel week with high expectations. With our group show just around the corner I was hoping for just one more killer image to include. As the week progressed I realized that the most important task at hand was not the perfect image but practicing my craft. I took the focus off the perfect image and focused on practicing what I love to do: macro toy photography.

My daughters piano teacher once said to her: “Practice makes permanence.” While this seems pretty obvious for learning the piano, it also works for photography. With practice you get faster at sizing up any outdoor location and lighting situation as a potential backdrop. I have also learned which mini figures work best for me; not every mini figure is created equally. Hopefully with more practice in the coming year those killer images will become more frequent.

As we move into 2015 I could talk about high flying new years resolutions, but honestly I think that simply continuing to practice my craft and push the boundaries of what I have already put into place will be challenge enough.

~ xxsjc

Did you make any photography new year’s resolutions?

If you did, is there anything we can do to support you?

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  1. My last year’s New Year’s resolution was a spectacular fail, so I pledged to win the lottery this year — without buying a single ticket. I should have resolved to practice my photography more regularly, but now it’s too late. I’ll just have to work on my craft without officially resolving to do so. I do appreciate your kind offer to support me, and I know you’ll be there when I have questions. I’m very interested in what you said about not all minifigures being created equal because that’s true of characters as well. Maybe you could talk more about that in a future post.

    • I love your resolution! You have the best odds of winning and you can never lose! Awesome!

      I know you have many interests and I am amazed you find as much as you do to work on your Lego town and photograph it’s inhabitants. I hope you will continue throughout the year. We will always be here to help support and encourage as possible. Of course we can get really dedicated and meet up sometime for a weekend photograph session. Something to think about…

      I will give the mini figure topic some thought. I do think it’s true but I am not sure I can verbalize it yet. Stay tuned!


  2. brickandmordor

    I don’t know, I’d say your killer images (every image!) are pretty frequent! It’s awesome to witness someone being so proactive with honing their craft though, definitely inspiring. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to produce (at least) one stop-motion animation per month. Currently working on rearranging my workspace at home to be more conducive to this.

  3. Mister_Bricks

    No resolutions for me! I gave up on them years back ☺

    However I am determined to take more photos this year. I don’t have anywhere near enough time to do a #365 project, but I hope to take at least one photo a week.

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