My Unikitty Alter Ego.

Today I felt like Angry Unikitty for much of the day. Whenever I feel like this I’m tempted to post cutting remarks on various social media platforms but then I remember the immortal words of Mark Twain…

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

Words to live by.
~ xxsjc
Have you ever posted something you regretted to a social media site?
Have you ever read something posted by someone else that really pissed you off? 
Do you try to be a positive influence on social media sites or just speak your mind? 


  1. Spent the weekend trying to hide my Rage Kitty instincts after what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend with lego blew up in my face 🙁 Had Princess Unikitty and Biznis Kitty on my desk which was rather calming.

  2. I stepped in it on Twitter once and got in trouble with my editor. I don’t think it was why I got canned, but it certainly gave them ammunition against me. I’ve tried to be a lot more careful since then and avoided anything that can be construed as “drama.”

  3. Me2

    I have been a little rebel (read raging and fuming kitten) myself for most of my career. Fuming and sharing my feelings like an open book.

    Both the great and the less great moments, and I am sure I once in a while removed all the doubt Mark nicely positioned above.

    Today I try to think twice and reflect before letting my Rage Kitten loose on the world and beyond.

    Not an easy task 😀

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