Absolute Yes

Absolute Yes is not a new concept, I’ve touched on it before. In fact it was my New Year’s resolution this year. My goal was to let five words – wonder, growth, friendship, contentment and giving – define my year. Now I’m paying the price.

Not unlike Brett, I find that life has become far too busy. Too busy in fact to comfortably fit everything I want to do in. I seem to be always working at least several days or even weeks behind schedule. Every day I make a detailed to-do list just to stay on track. I blame my five words of Absolute Yes for this situation. Specifically three of them: growth, friendship and giving. Continue reading Absolute Yes

The Power of Yes

I would be a fool to not admit that I am continually influenced by my friends here in the StuckinPlastic collective. I am learning to be more aware of lighting from Mike, I am learning that it is ok to break the rules from Kristina, through Boris’s influence I am carrying more photo equipment with me in the field and Vesa showed me the power of “yes”. Continue reading The Power of Yes