The Great Indoors

It’s now officially summer (at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), and like Brett and Shelly before me, I’ve been inspired by the change of the season. However, the sunshine has taken me somewhere I wasn’t expecting it to…

Back into my studio.

That’s right. While the rain clouds that cover most of the Pacific Northwest have subsided and the world is in full bloom, I’ve actually opted to stay indoors to take my first summer photos, thanks to a new find on Amazon: fake grass! Continue reading The Great Indoors

The Color of Summer

The other day Avanaut wrote about getting in the mood for summer by bringing out everyones favorite adventurer, Indiana Jones, for a high speed photoshoot. For me, a particular color is more evocative of summer, than a specific mini figure.

For me, nothing says summer like the rich color of green. Continue reading The Color of Summer