Focusing on Toes

I love toy photographs that make me do a double take. The ones that just look so very real. Bringing toys to life is such an intriguing ambition that many of us share and finding new ways to do so really gets me motivated.

The six image narrative project has me thinking about images I’ve created in series in the past. Some I plan and then shoot all at once, or in sequence over the course of a day, week, month, etc. Others develop more slowly. I have an idea I return to, or a figure that turns into a muse. And with that figure and idea I create one image, then some time later another, until a series forms. Continue reading Focusing on Toes

My Muses

I have been asked more than once what are my favorite mini figures to photograph. Normally I would be diplomatic and tell you all of them, but I have come to realize some characters mean more to me than others. I am about to pack for another adventure and I want to only take my favorites, or as I like to refer to them, my muses. Continue reading My Muses