I have been asked more than once what are my favorite mini figures to photograph. Normally I would be diplomatic and tell you all of them, but I have come to realize some characters mean more to me than others. I am about to pack for another adventure and I want to only take my favorites, or as I like to refer to them, my muses.

My first introduction into the LEGO mini figure was the Geisha (S4) and The Samurai (S3) and after all these years they are still some of my favorites to photograph. I like the idea of true, yet unrequited, love and they seem to represent that for me. In addition to their symbolic nature, they are also very beautiful figures.

It wasn’t until my toy photography “career” that I became obsessed  with the Galaxy Squad mini figures. I liked their candy colored space suits and their mini space craft. They have a sense of adventure about them and a certain bravado that I like. Of course the Bugs that came along with the sets take me right to Robert Heinlein’s classic science fiction epic Starship Troopers. I loved that book, but probably not for the reasons you would think.

It was an easy move to transfer my Galaxy Squad obsession to the Classic Space theme. Although I never played with these guys as a kid I do love their simplistic expressions and an “up to any adventure” attitude. I think they reflect my own attitude when I am out shooting or exploring new terrain for a photo. Now if only I could find a black one….

My next favorite line is the Chima series; not any Chima, just the birds. I love those wings! They are beautiful to photograph. I also like the fact that you can see there eyes (which is handy for focusing), that they come in a variety of colors and represent a freedom that only flying can achieve. You may not like the Chima figures (most people don’t), but for me they will always be one of my more important muses.

The Watchers are a trio of characters I created by crossing Classic Aliens from S6 with a set of dapper suits and bowler hats. I have a strong conspiracy streak running  through my personality and these guys represent that part of my persona. I never leave the house without them.

Other mini figs I can’t image traveling without are The Swamp Monster, The Brave x3 (S10) and The Panda x 3 (Lego Movie) / Panda Troopers. I might bring along a few pigs (S12), an Explorer (S2), a few elves and hobbits from LOTR’s, a couple (read at least three) Ninjas and maybe even a knight and a dragon (but that seems too obvious). If I was going to be near water I would bring along a few characters from the Atlantis theme. I am going to land locked country so water figures seem to much of a stretch. Last but not least I will take along the little Peter Reid designed robot that frequents my Instagram feed.

By the time this gets posted I will be in far away lands, exploring new and hopefully amazing territory, taking my little muses along for the ride. And unlike dear Boba, I will not be leaving anyone behind.

~ xxSJC

What is your favorite mini figure(s) to photography?

Do some characters speak more to you than others?