Gatecrashing the ‘what is art’ party

Thanks to Shelly, James and maths, I made a resolution to gate crash the perceived ‘what is art’ party. Yep, a resolution that I didn’t know I wanted to make. On Sunday the 11th of February I ticked off that resolution by displaying LEGO photography at the Little Creatures Brewery Art Carnival.

Does that mean now that accomplished the pledge I made to myself for this year I can spend the rest of it with my feet up drinking beer? Probably not.

The notion of exhibiting toy photography, in particular LEGO photography, doesn’t sound like much of a declaration for a goal to achieve. But slipping photographs of LEGO into an art carnival filled with paintings, sculptures and photography of more “traditional” subject matter was. Continue reading Gatecrashing the ‘what is art’ party

Batman Giveaway Winner

It’s time to announce the winner of the Batman Movie Collectable Minifigures Series 2 giveaway.

To help with the voting, Shelly and I enlisted the help of our past giveaway winners, @tomekskog and @shundeez_official. Yep, as well as giving past winner their prizes, we also give them jobs! Continue reading Batman Giveaway Winner

Batman Movie Series 2 Giveaway

Sometimes the Bat-mail takes its Bat-time! Our box of Batman Movie Collectable Minifigures Series 2 just Bat-arrived. While we get our Bat-review finished, you can start entering our giveaway now. Yes, Bat-now!

We’ve got a complete set of 20 Batman Movie Collectable Minifigures Series 2 to giveaway, thanks to our friends at LEGO.
Continue reading Batman Movie Series 2 Giveaway

Brickvention Charity Silent Auction

Last weekend Toy Photographers and #brickstameet held the Brickvention Charity Silent Auction of LEGO photography, raising money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. With 27 amazing photographs, by 17 artists, from 11 different countries, I knew it would be a success. But there’s know way I could’ve predicted some of the wonderful moments that happened.

Here are some of my personal highlights from the weekend.
*As the Brickvention Charity Silent Auction is about the art and the charity I’ve avoided naming specific artists in my highlights. All of you helped to make this event a success and a memorable weekend for me.
Continue reading Brickvention Charity Silent Auction

Toy Photographers Podcast 03 – Brett Wilson Interview

It’s Sunday, so you know what that means: Another episode of the Toy Photographers Podcast is now available!

This week, we have another interview episode, featuring our very own Brett Wilson! Brett and I had a fantastic conversation, covering how he got into toy photography, what it’s like having such a famous SigFig, how much luck has contributed to his many opportunities, and so much more! Continue reading Toy Photographers Podcast 03 – Brett Wilson Interview

Donate Checkmate

With Melbourne’s Brickvention, Australia’s premier LEGO fan convention, just around the corner, it’s time to say thank you. This year’s Charity Silent Auction is looking like it’s going to be bigger than ever. Thanks to the generosity of the community.

This year, Toy Photographers and #brickstameet have buddied up to organise a silent auction of LEGO photographs to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. Andrew (@cheepjokes) and I have been busy chasing artists, collecting submissions, printing art, printing bidding forms, and designing the layout of the photographs submitted for the action. Actually, we will be having two auctions, one on Saturday and another on Sunday. Continue reading Donate Checkmate

No Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions.

Sure we’ve got goals for the Toy Photographers community this year. And yes, attending the Cannon Beach Toy Photographers weekend is a personal goal I’ve set myself. But that’s about it. Or so I thought!

I’ve come back from a week of camping down the coast without any resolutions or personal goals for this year.

I’d hardly had time to brush the sand from between my toes before a resolution snuck up on me without me knowing it! Continue reading No Year’s Resolutions

We’re taking a holiday!

We’re taking a well-earned holiday break over Christmas and the New Year.

Toy Photographers will be resting and recharging their batteries in preparation for a jam-packed 2018 filled with exciting new things on top of all the wonderful things that we already do.

On behalf of Shelly, myself and the rest of the Toy Photographers team, we wish you a very merry Christmas. We’d also like to wish you a safe and happy New Year. And here’s to a relaxing holiday season, filled with family, friends and toy photography!

Holiday: May you beer be cold and your wieners tasty!
May your beer be cold and your wieners tasty!

We’ll see you all in 2018 for a bigger, better and more exciting year.

– Brett

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