When you take a photo you are making a choice. Or more precisely a series of choices; the subject, the location, the lighting, the angle, the depth of field. You are constantly fine tuning each of these choices with each photo taken.

Each minor adjustment can create a huge change in the final photos meaning and look. Continue reading Choices

Women in Toy Photography

I was asked the other day to recommend a female LEGO toy photographer to feature on one of the toy photography curatorial sites. This seemingly simple question brought me up short. Who are the women LEGO photographers? For that matter, who are the women toy photographers? Continue reading Women in Toy Photography

The Problem with Metrics

The other day when the StuckinPastic group was chatting during one of our (in)frequent hang outs, one of the group revealed themselves to be a metrics watcher. It was a subtle comment, but as someone who also watches my social media metrics, I recognized myself in that comment; and frankly I didn’t like what I saw. Continue reading The Problem with Metrics

How much is too much?

The other day I got a call from my gallerist, Bryan Ohno, and we had one of our usual spirited discussions. Among the many subjects we covered Bryan asked me to pull back from social media and limit my posts for a certain period of time; several months to be exact.

My first reaction was not only no, but hell no. Continue reading How much is too much?

Assembling the #toydinosquad

When I started posting photos of toy dinosaurs on Instagram I was alone. I searched through any hashtag I could think of to try and find anyone doing what I was doing. The big toy photography group pages we’re filled with Stormtroopers, Super Heroes and Lego, but no other prehistoric creatures. I would get comments like “Original idea!” which was nice to hear, but reinforced how out on my own I was. Or so I thought. Continue reading Assembling the #toydinosquad

A Big Weekend for Dinosaurs

Pretty heady news that Chris Pratt and his gang of dinosaurs dominated the box office this weekend. Jurassic World was number one in all 66 markets it debuted in and had the second best US opening in history. Its world wide gross of $511.8 billion was the largest global box office opening of all time

Not bad for a group of dinosaurs. Continue reading A Big Weekend for Dinosaurs

Mini Figure Customization

Yesterday’s post by ME2 on a new LEGO ideas set featuring everyones favorite young detective Tintin certainly struck a cord. I think we would all love a few mini figs from that beloved series of comics to fly to the moon, traverse the jungle or invade the Death Star. The photographic possibilities are certainly exciting.

But what if the set doesn’t get its required 10,000 votes of support? What if LEGO doesn’t approve the set? What if the HERGE Foundation doesn’t want to play ball with LEGO and approval a deal? There are so many hurdles to overcome before this idea becomes a reality. What to do in the mean time? Continue reading Mini Figure Customization


I know I have mentioned this several times, but inspiration sometimes comes from the weirdest places. Recently I watched the movie “Frank” which tells the story of one aspiring band who is fronted by a man who never removes his papier-mâché head. Just the place to find treasures like:

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Continue reading Frank