Medication, Rumination and Inspiration

Two years ago I was given some news that at the time was world shattering. We’d been in our first home for six months, we were due to get married in six months time and my fiancĂ©e had just been diagnosed with cancer. Everything I thought I knew suddenly changed, everything I thought was important, no longer seemed quite so relevant. My attitude to work changed and I lost my focus. Family and friends suddenly meant much more to me and I became far more aware of how fragile life can become.

I found myself in the dark places I’d been in before. I was within myself, but I was far deeper down the rabbit hole than I had ever been before. I lost my passion for everything I enjoyed doing. I stopped going out with my camera, I hated leaving the house, I was on my way to being diagnosed with depression… Continue reading Medication, Rumination and Inspiration