9 thoughts on “Gregor S.”

    1. Thank you, Danny! First of all, let me say that I find the lighting in your pictures quite intrguing. As for Gregor, all I knew at the beginning was that I did not want to show the “Ungeziefer” [vermin] too plainly. I wanted its shell to glare out of the dark corner (and then had to deal with casting some light on the people) – except for the black-and-white photo which was supposed to be made as carelessly as it is crass. For pictures 2 to 4, a desk lamp did the job … plus a stage set with cut out ‘windows’…

  1. Tobias, I love this series of six. As a lover of Kafka, your photos really evoke the terror and surreal nature of his writing.

    And like Dwaas, I love the lighting. Wonderful!!

    1. Thank you so much Shelly – and for making this possible. It is pleasure to be here.

      I sometimes wonder what one would see in this mini series if I had not said a word about Kafka or ‘Metamorphosis’…

  2. Tobias, as one who “pushes” posts out to other social media platforms, I have to see posts before they get published. I normally don’t like to have the surprise ruined for me.
    However, your post had me mesmerized. I feel a little guilty that spent so long with each photo before everyone else got to! The light, shadows, subject, the B&W shot added to the mix, the overall atmosphere were just perfect. Thanks.

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