A cross between Indiana Jones, a Wookiee, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

One of the interesting things about profile pages is that they tell you about me, but not me about you.  This is likely what you expect, but if you turn out to be more interesting than me, it is a disservice to the rest of the Internet. However I’m forced to assume you want to learn about me, and will proceed accordingly.  Apologies to everyone if I end up being less interesting than you, the reader.  We are both a victim of circumstance.

Nationally I am Canadian, professionally I am a code monkey for a medium sized Internet advertising company.  Astrologically I am a Virgo, but I wanted to be a Pisces. Artistically I’m everywhere, man.

I’ve been shooting toys since I began my second childhood in 2012.  While I shoot many other things, I can’t seem to stop falling in love with the idea of creating my own worlds using 1.5″ LEGO minifigs or 6″ action figures (or larger – hello 20″ Deadpool!).  I have a rich inner-life and it is addictive to be able to represent that with photography so others can get a peak into the madness.

I’ve managed to get some paid photography gigs in for LEGO, and won some awards here and there, but the real joy is really in the creation process, either in actually crafting images, or writing about them in this blog.

If you want to follow me the best places are:

Studio Dave