One of the reasons I love macro photography is because it is a glimpse into a whole new world. This autumn I have been capturing more macro photos of mushrooms after a photo trip to the Hoh Rain Forest. As of late, I have been putting toys into macro mushroom scenes with the concept of “put a toy on it.” Similar to the “Put a Bird On It” skit on the television show Portlandia. Here are a few of the mushroom toy photos I captured this autumn around Seattle and the San Juan Islands. If you can identify any of these mushrooms please let me know in the comments below!

Yoda meditating on a mushroom

When I was walking my dog through the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle I saw this large fly agaric mushroom and ran back to my car to grab some toys. It was a funny little photoshoot because people kept stopping to see what I was doing and then telling me not to eat those mushrooms. 

Ewok guardian of the shrooms

This small patch of mushrooms sprouted up overnight right outside my apartment in a pile of leaves. The size of the mushrooms VS the LEGO Ewok minifig made this one of my favorites pics in this series.

LEGO Zelda and Link in the Mushroom Kingdom 

I spent a weekend in the San Juan Island and there was a plethora of mushrooms, which created so many little scenes from LEGO and action figures alike. My favorite from this batch of toy pics was LEGO Link hopping from mushroom to mushroom above.

Sonic, Tails and Mushrooms

I just wrapped up two LEGO Sonic The Hedge Hog reviews, so I had Sonic and Tails in my photo bag and captured a few photos with the minifigures and some tiny mushrooms on Decatur Island.

Growing mushrooms with Groot

I just picked up both of these Groots on Ebay to capture some more nature-inspired photos this winter. There are so many possibilities and these two pics just scratch the surface.

Master of the Mushrooms

A quick photo of the Mega Construx He-Man who is now master of the mushrooms on Decatur Island.

Sasquatch and the Shroom

I have yet to see a real Sasquatch and am still holding on to hope. In the meantime, LEGO Sasquatch next to a mushroom will have to do.

On that note, if you have some toy and mushroom photos we would love to see them, and make sure to tag us on Instagram or use our MeWe group. Happy capturing moments!