March in the United States is set aside to celebrate women and their many historic contributions. We thought we would join in and celebrate women through toy photography. For our monthly MeWe theme we challenge you to create images featuring women.

There are many women represented in toys ranging from pop culture characters to historic photos. And we want you to get out your women figures, dust them off, and put them in front of your cameras. We have an incredible opportunity to be celebrating women through our toy photography art. And for our international friends, we can also celebrate women on International Women’s day on March 8th!

How can you participate?

It’s easy to participate in our monthly challenge. First you can join our MeWe group and connect with like minded toy photographers to share your images. Or you can post them to Facebook or Instagram and tag your photo #tp_women.

We want to see everyone celebrate the women in their lives, their favorite female pop culture icons as well as the everyday women in our lives. Women make up about 30% of our toy photography community. While this is less than ideal, their influence and support are an important part of this community. If you are unaware, both Toy Photographers and Brickcentral are run by women.

So let’s celebrate all the women in our lives with our awesome toy photography!

Need some inspiration?

Here are a few images to inspire you to join us as we are celebrating women through toy photography for the entire month of March!


When I asked our MeWe community for their images featuring women for this post they had no problems coming up with some wonderful entries! Why? Because we celebrate women in our toy photography every month using the hashtag #secondsexsaturday. We want you to help as we are celebrating women all month and beyond!

Here’s to the women in our lives: both the real and the imaginary!

A big thank you to everyone in our MeWe Community. We can always count on you to create interesting and unique content for our blog posts and social media channels. If you would like to be featured on the blog or on our social channels, consider joining our community!