Explore the gritty world of combat through the perspective of a clone squad in the Star Wars universe.

Engineer from the 241st Combat Engineers Brigade provides supporting fire for his comrades attempting to complete a strategic maneuver on an enemy machine gun position.
A clone trooper narrowly misses an incoming mortar round as he advances up the front lines in the ensuing battle.
As the battle rages on, a clone sergeant and clone trooper advance in the heat of combat.
A makeshift memorial for a fallen comrade.
Clone troopers help their sergeant up onto his feet and to a medevac station.

I’m a former Marine, now college student studying film and television, with a minor in photography. I love taking toy photographs to create a visual story that holds a stylistic emotional feel in each photo. I hope to continue this craft and have others appreciate this artwork as well!

~ Tiermir (Ryan)

Find more of Ryan’s work on Instagram @tiermir.