When I was a little child there were not as many toys as today. I remember with love my miniature cars collection and the classical WW2 plastic small soldiers that today are very well known since they played an iconic role at Toy Story films. I was still a teenager when the Toy Industry started to produce some new and amazing toys like the first articulated action figures and some realistic assembly model kits of planes, tanks, ships, cars, etc.

In those days, I used to play with my toys in the backyard garden of a friend of mine, where there were real trees and plants, stones and even sand and water zones, where we could easily imagine adventures for our toys at waterfalls, mountains, deserts or jungles. But frankly, I always managed to find these awesome places in my mind also when playing in my room or any other places at home.

Why? : Walking together

Walking together

Creativity has always been a constant

Creativity has always been a constant seek in my life, which probably explains why I studied Architecture at the University. However, I have finished working for a technology company, nothing to do either with architecture or creativity. This probably leaves a gap in my life, that I need to fill with some artistic and creative activities such as drawing, making videos, taking photographs, etc. and hobbies like watching movies and reading books or comics.

Why? : Star Wars Halloween

Star Wars Halloween

I consider myself a cinema enthusiastic that loves all kind of films, but I must confess that I was deeply impressed as a child by the launch in 1977 of the first Star Wars movie ‘A New Hope’. You all know how Star Wars revolutionized this Industry and the impact on lots of people life of the universe created around the saga.

Why? : Hover Tank Crew

Hover Tank Crew

I also love photography, initially admiring others’ work and most recently being myself an amateur self-taught photographer. I like outdoor shooting the most and I am also very interested in macro photography, as I have always loved to take pics of small animals, bugs, moss or flowers, trying to find and reveal the details that are not evident at first sight.

Why? : Sabine at the Red Planet

Sabine at the Red Planet

But how did my creativity connected with Toys and my interest in Photography and Cinema?

Two years ago, I created my personal account on IG where I discovered the amazing work of @avanaut, a master photographer to introduce in a realistic way scale models in his photographs or to create awesome setups for Lego Snowtroopers at the snowed planet of Hoth.

Why? : Hi guys…, keep watching

Hi guys…, keep watching

This was the beginning of everything and allowed me to realize that there was a huge community of people doing Toy Photography, with different specialization, interests and personal styles, incredibly talented photographers exploring techniques and challenging themselves and the others, to create new and amazing shots.

Why? : Follow that droid

Follow that droid

So, I took my Legos and my camera and started to take pictures of them. I opened my dedicated account @es_toyphoto, where I can imagine fantastic worlds and create scenes as if I were a movie director, combining the very best of my two hobbies. I enjoy finding natural scenarios for my toys, sometimes in parks and gardens, and seeing if they can look like a forest, a desert, or a lake, … or how the figures fit in daily scenarios also creating a surprising effect.

Wjy? : Even Superheroes need holidays

Even Superheroes need holidays

No limits for the imagination

No limits for the imagination here and complete freedom to try whatever I like or I can dream. I also have a lot of fun by facing new challenges, applying new photographic techniques, special setups, playing with lighting, water and smoke or even editing a little bit the original photos.

Why? : “Threepio” playing the saxophone

“Threepio” playing the saxophone

I don’t know where this will take me, but I think I have filled that ‘gap’ in my life with something that brings me a lot of fun and a lot of friends. Even when I’ve shot mostly Lego figures in the past, I want to explore also the amazing possibilities of some other kind of toys, because of their more realistic style and movement freedom (Lego figures have only 7 movement possibilities).

Why? : The Jones family

The Jones family

I believe that I have grown a lot as a photographer in these two years and there is still a lot to learn, share and enjoy.

So, never stop learning, never stop playing and enjoying, and never renounce to your personal abilities and needs.

Why? : Stop working, it’s Christmas time

Stop working, it’s Christmas time

Thank you for reading and best regards,

Carlos Hernandez (@es_toyphoto)