Kitbashing a sigfig?

Sure, we’ve all heard of sigfigs, most of us LEGO photographers have one. But what about kitbashing a one sixth scale version of ourselves?

Sigfig is short for Signature Minifigure. The minifigure version of a LEGO fan that he or she uses in online communities as an avatar.

Kitbashing is a practice whereby a new scale model is created by taking pieces out of other kits.

But is there a term for sigfig kitbashing? Is it even a thing?

Shelly has written “every photograph you take is a reflection of you”. And by definition ‘reflection is the change in direction of a wavefront at an interface between two different media so that the wavefront returns into the medium from which it originated.’ A change in direction? A change in my photography fodder? Into the medium from which it originated? Morphed into me?


But before you all start screaming things at me about how kitbashing a likeness of me is the result of an overinflated ego, let me point out that there are plenty of words that contain ego that aren’t egocentric. And many of them describe me.

moviegoer n. – someone who goes to see movies
I do that.

begoggled adj. – wearing goggles
I wear glasses.

uncategorizable adj. – not able to be categorized or placed into a category
I’ve been told that I’m ‘harder to pick than a broken nose’ on at least two separate occasions.

mishegoss n. – (Yiddish) craziness; senseless behaviour or activity

gobbledegook n. – nonsense
And again, yep.

stegosaurus n. – herbivorous ornithischian dinosaur with a row of bony plates along its back and a spiked tail probably used as a weapon

OK, maybe the last one was a bit of a stretch. I am herbivorous, but that’s where the similarities with that particular dinosaur end.

And of course, there’s also allegory, Montessori, story… Hang on, that’s the Corey hotline. $4.95 a minute. And they’re just some words that rhyme with Corey?


There is superego.

Superego n. – (psychoanalysis) that part of the unconscious mind that acts as a conscience

And this is where I see this kitbashed me coming into its own. A way to convey personal stories of me, my kitbashed one sixth scale plastic superego.

Kitbashing a sigfig: Anchorless

Curses Thanks

I’ve been lured into the world of 1:6 scale figures by @nivrana’s kitbashed Trooper I had the pleasure of photographing at the 2018 Melbourne Toy Photographers Meetup.

I’m also inspired by the mad scientist kustom kreations of @krash_overrride. Thanks for the beard ‘greying‘ tips Dennis. Expect to hear more questions from me soon.

And I’ve been moved to take on more storytelling after being captivated by‘s recent #ToyAtHeartStory.

When I blame consider these three Svengalis muses as the inspiration for my latest venture into the world of one sixth scale kitbashing and the shift in direction of my toy photography, I don’t think ego. Well, unless they’re my scapegoats should I ever need someone to blame!

Kitbashing a sigfig: Easy like a Sunday morning
Easy like a Sunday morning

*At the time of writing this I’m still waiting on two orders to arrive; a 1:6 bearded head, and some 1:6 reading glasses. Hence all the photos are from behind.

– Brett

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  1. Dennis

    I am genuinely excited to see how this project pans out. I’m am with Shelly on this one, he needs at minimum a six-pack of beer and a coffee thermos. I also think he could use a sidekick…maybe an astromech droid…hmmm, “BB-M8” (Or is it “BB-Mate”) perhaps??? XD haha! He’s looking great so far Brett, you know how to reach me w/ any questions and if you need specific parts.

    • brett_wilson

      I’m excited too! Paints, magnifying lamp, and fixative are at the ready!
      And yes, I foresee many accessories and maybe a sidekick too?!
      And yes, expect many questions being sent your mate…

  2. Oh man, good luck, read the story about Pandora’s box again…

    Having said that, I continue with expressing great excitement with seeing where this might be going. The 1:6 world is just incredibly rich and the rules of photography totally different than those of Lego and such.

    I almost went with the ThreeA line at one point. Well, I did a little, but was able to curb it before it was too late. 🙂

    Yeah, this is very interesting. And I liked your text too. Very enjoyable read.

    • brett_wilson

      Oh, I’ve opened Pandora’s box! But all I found inside was a can of worms, a hornet’s nest, and a bunch of new toys to play with and get hooked on? Weird!
      I’d love to see your ThreeA photos! And thanks your enjoying my words too mate. 😀

  3. Hah! Can’t wait to see the 1:6 you. And yes, I take full responsibility (gladly) for whatever bit role I played in this new adventure. It took me a while to morph into a 1:6 sigfig as well — from Lego Stormie, to Sandy the TBS Sandtrooper — but mine remains faceless as it is (via that helmet). Still seeking my Brad Pitt head sculpt. Looking forward to this!

    • brett_wilson

      Ha! Yes, you’ve got a big a part in this latest venture. Next time we out photographing together, our 1:6 boys will have to play! And yes, it must be so difficult to find an appropriately handsome head sculpt! 😛

  4. I love everything about this journey, blog, and the pics. Bravo Brett! And I’m with Shelly and Dennis here on the need for the appropriate props. This is really magical. I just need to keep a bit of distance before I take the dive beyond LEGO, too. Is there no end???? Go Brett! xo

  5. Oh man, a new toy photography rabbit hole to fall face-first into??? This is a dangerous post, my friend.

    I saw your initial photos on IG and thought they were really you, so you’re definitely on the right track here! It’s such a cool idea, and I look forward to seeing 1:6 scale Brett when he’s all finished.

    • brett_wilson

      Cheers James. Yes, another rabbit hole to explore?
      1:6 Brett is slowly coming along… just waiting on the glasses to arrive, and this weekend he will be getting a few greys added into his beard. Krash is my modification mentor. So I’m in good hands…well, I’m in shaky, nervous hands, painting grey whiskers!

  6. Mary Wardell

    I love my mini-me and am all in favor of more people creating theirs. I may have to increase the number of props I use, however – I need a 1:6 Diet Coke can!!! 😀 Great post!

  7. Looking forward to what you do in 1:6 scale! And all of us make photos from our own experiences, lots of self portraits, just not always with figures that look like us. So throw any thought of ego-centrism out the window. You’re just being an artist in maybe an even more creative way.

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